DK EXSTAR The strongest combination of yield and agronomy traits ever seen in a WOSR variety. DK EXSTAR is a new variety from DEKALB, registered in 2017 with the double phoma and pod shatter traits

•Medium-Rapid Autumn growth habit – suitable for early drilling to early September


•Seed rate should target an even plant stand of 25-30 plants/m2 in spring


•Double phoma resistance means phoma leaf spot thresholds for treatment may not be met until later in the autumn if at all.


•Light Leaf Spot should be monitored but strong resistance reduces the risk of severe infections.


•Ensure the Green Area Index is accurately determined at the start of spring growth to guide appropriate nitrogen rates for optimal canopy size. Lodging risk with DK Exstar is low but there may be a benefit from PGR use to optimise the canopy structure.


•Pod Shatter Resistance reduces the risk of seed losses approaching and during harvest and will protect the crop where harvest is delayed
Double Phoma Resistance Double Phoma Resistance
Pod Shatter Resistance Pod Shatter Resistance
Vigorous Establishment Vigorous Establishment
Breeders view
“DK EXSTAR combines high yields and oil content with the best agronomy package ever seen in a mainstream OSR variety. Along with pod shatter resistance, this variety has a ‘9’ rating for lodging resistance and ‘8’ ratings for both stem canker and light leaf spot. AHDB have chosen this variety as an RL candidate for the whole of the UK.”
Early Maturity: 6
Earliness Flowering: 6
Lodging Resistance: 9
Light Leaf Spot: 8
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