DK Exception THE EUROPEAN BLOCKBUSTER DK Exception is a consistent performing hybrid suited to a wide range of farm situations

• Vigorous establishment and Rapid Autumn Growth
• Double Phoma Resistance giving strong resistance to Stem Canker
• Good Light Leaf Spot Resistance
• Mid earliness of spring regrowth with mid flowering
• High Yield and oil potential
• Pod Shatter Resistance
Double Phoma Resistance Double Phoma Resistance
Pod Shatter Resistance Pod Shatter Resistance
Vigorous Establishment Vigorous Establishment
Growing Variety
• Medium-Rapid Autumn growth habit – suitable for drilling up to early September
• Seed rate should target an even plant stand of 25-30 plants/m2 in spring
• Double phoma resistance means phoma leaf spot thresholds for treatment may not be met until later in the autumn if at all.
• Light Leaf Spot should be monitored and treated as required.
• The medium-rapid autumn growth habit means a PGR may be required in early/mid October on very forward crops to reduce the risk of over development pre winter.
• The fast spring growth habit means PGRs should be considered on forward crops and fertile sites or those with a history of lodging along with appropriate nitrogen rates to avoid oversize canopies. Ensure the Green Area Index is accurately determined at the start of spring growth.
• Pod Shatter Resistance reduces the risk of seed losses approaching and during harvest and will protect the crop where harvest is delayed
Breeders view
“DK EXCEPTION is a good choice for growers throuhout the UK. It has given outstanding gross output over a wide range of UK and European locations. It features pod shatter resistance and very high lodging resistance.”
Autumn Development:
Rapid Development Rapid Development
Agronomic Description:
DK Exception is a moderately rapid developing variety in the autumn which suits the main drilling window and late sowings in favourable conditions. It is mid-early in spring development with mid maturity and good lodging resistance.
Early Maturity: 5
Earliness Flowering: 7
Plant Height: 6
Lodging Resistance: 8
Stem Canker: 9
Light Leaf Spot: 6
Fact Trials