Variety Strengths Stand Out in Leading Trials 10-Aug-2016

First results from the UK’s leading independent variety evaluation programmes show current and emerging DEKALB hybrids performing strongly in a decidedly disappointing winter OSR season.


The extent of the season’s challenge is  confirmed by a 5.1 t/ha  control mean gross output  across the first  AHDB Recommended List trials harvested against a 2013-15 average of 5.6t/ha.


RL Variety Trials


Among the Recommended varieties, V316OL is one of only four with an average 2016 gross output of more than 5.4 t/ha in the trials, lifting it to 3rd place in the E&W 4-year mean rankings. 


DK Exception’s top three gross output performance among the candidate varieties – not significantly different from the class leader – underlines its position as a leading candidate, as both it and DK Exclaim improve on their NL2 ratings.


At the same time, low biomass hybrid candidate, DK Secret now stands fully 5% above Troy in its RL trial performance.


NIAB-TAG Variety Trials

Together, DK Exalte, DK Extrovert and DK Exclaim are showing their strengths in NIAB-TAG trials as three of only a dozen varieties with average yields of 4t/ha or more across the first four sites harvested.


The fact that DK Extrovert and DK Exalte were two of the four best performers at the lowest yielding site is a testament to their particular robustness.


Agrii Variety Trials


With an average seed yield on a par with V316OL at 108% of controls in Agrii’s southern and eastern trials,  DK Exalte is the best performing  DEKALB hybrid. It is also standing out for notably high autumn vigour and early LLS resistance ratings and low verticillium  infection levels.


Yielding 100% of controls on average and 110% in Wiltshire , DK Imperial CL is reinforcing its credentials as the most impressive Clearfield variety, out-yielding the next most popular CL by over 0.5 t/ha.