Untreated Trials Reinforce Hybrid Value 04-Aug-2016

All six leading DEKALB hybrids substantially out-performed control varieties with average untreated yields of 3.5 t/ha or more across three sites in the company’s 30 variety East & West region breeder’s trials.


Their performance compares with just 2.7 t/ha for pure-line control, DK Cabernet and  3.0t/ha for long-standing hybrid benchmark, Excalibur. This under-lining the particular advantage of hybrids with DEKALB yield-protecting traits in an especially difficult growing season.


Leading the field at 3.8 t/ha was DK Exalte, just ahead of V316OL, DK Exclaim and DK Exception at 3.7 t/ha, DK Exentiel at 3.6 t/ha and DK Extrovert at 3.5 t/ha.