Scottish trials underline DEKALB breeding progress 17-Aug-2016

All six mainstream DEKALB double low hybrids included in the 21 variety replicated trials run by Scottish Agronomy at St Boswells in the Scottish borders yielded comfortably over 5 t/ha, as did both HOLL hybrids and the leading Clearfield variety.


Amongst these, RL Candidates, DK Exclaim and DK Exalte stood out for treated seed yields of 123% of controls (PR46W21, Excalibur and DK Cabernet) followed closely by DK Exentiel and DK Extrovert at 119% and 118% respectively and RL Candidate, DK Exception at 117%.


V316OL (121%) and V295OL (120%) showed no statistically significantly yield differences from any of these varieties. Nor, most impressively, did DK Imperial CL (119%) with its imazamox resistance, demonstrating the parallel progress being made in DEKALB breeding with specialist traits.


Underlining this progress too with a yield of 106% of the controls was new low biomass hybrid, DK Secret. This candidate for Recommendation currently has a four-year mean gross output fully 6% ahead of semi-dwarf, Troy in RL trials combined with an exceptional set of agronomics, including scores of 8 for both stem canker and light leaf spot resistance.