Three outstanding new ‘Ex’ varieties with traits designed to suit the most challenging UK conditions will be the centrepiece of the Bayer’s Dekalb oilseed rape plots at Cereals 2019.

With across-the-board scores of 8 or more for phoma, light leaf spot and lodging resistance and stem stiffness, DK Exstar joins new Recommended List additions, DK Expansion and DK Exsteel.

All three varieties boast the breeding programme’s well-known vigorous establishment, double phoma and pod shatter resistance traits, together with good resistance to light leaf spot.

DK Exsteel shares an ultra-rapid autumn development habit with DK Extrovert and DK Expedient, while rapid developers, DK Exstar and DK Expansion are more akin to DK Exalte and DK Exclaim in their early leaf development.  Slightly later into stem extension and flowering than the earliest varieties, they are all very rapid in their spring growth.


Alongside these well-proven mainstream hybrids for 2019 are two up-and-coming new ‘Ex’ varieties with considerable promise for the future and the latest addition to the company’s premium-earning HOLL line-up – V353OL.

Two impressive Clearfield varieties will also be on display – DK Impressario CL, rapidly taking-up the Clearfield leadership mantle from DK Imperial CL and new introduction, DK Importer CL.  Both these hybrids combine resistance to imazamox with a growing package of Dekalb traits for the greatest consistency of performance.

“At the show Clearfield growers will be able to sign-up to our free Quality Check scheme providing their own post-harvest, pre-movement laboratory analyses for erucic acid content,” pointed out Dekalb seeds and traits marketing manager, Mark Shaw.


“They will also be able to learn about our ground-breaking new Establishment Promise, designed to provide the best possible financial protection against establishment failure - available for the first time this autumn to all DK Exstar growers.”