DK Expansion has delivered the goods handsomely at Elm Farm, Shipdam near Dereham, renewing Tim Barrell’s faith in oilseed rape after three years without the crop.



Sown after spring barley from mid-August, the 35ha grew away strongly despite the dryness and a flea beetle problem needing a good three sprays.  A drilling rate of 2.6 kg/ha gave a population of 30 well-branched plants/m2 which averaged 4.9 t/ha across the weighbridge with the best 11 ha field suffering less from beetle attack doing 5.2 t/ha



“It was rather worrying drilling so few seeds,” said Tim. “When we last grew OSR we were sowing at 6-7 kg/ha. But we stuck with our agronomist’s advice and are very pleased with the result. We’re increasing our OSR area to over 40ha this time around and sticking solidly with DK Expansion. There are far more flea beetles around but we’re growing the crop on a different part of the farm, upping our establishment agronomy and keeping our fingers firmly crossed.