LAMMA Story 22-Jan-2016



Improving Oilseed Rape Profitability was the topical focus of the DEKALB stand at the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show, LAMMA,  this week (January 20 & 21).

Launching their new DEKALB Hybrids Deliver communication headline, the UK team took the opportunity to present their 2016 portfolio of ‘double low’, Clearfield and HOLL varieties as particular opportunities for UK growers to meet their most important current OSR needs – consistently raising yields, increasing output value and reducing production costs.

While they were only able to actively engage a small proportion of the estimated 30,000 visitors over the two days of the event, discussions with a broad range of existing customers, distributors and new prospects kicked-off the 2016 campaign with determination and the greatest possible relevance.

Interest was captured – together with contact and farm details of growers from across the country – with a front-of-stand competition to win 10 ha of seed from high profile new varieties, DK Exalte or DK Exception plus 10 ha of Roundup for the 2016/17 season.


Heavy promotion of the event through social media and working with the organisers to share Twitter content ensured the widest immediate communication reach.

“Although primarily a machinery and equipment show, its size and timing makes LAMMA a useful platform to introduce our main promotional messages for the season,” explained UK seeds and traits campaign  manager, Lucy Kane. “The fact that many of our distributors and relatively few of our main seed competitors attend gives us a valuable visibility bonus; one on which we shall again be building progressively over the coming six months.”