Independent Grower Research Highlights Variety Views 21-Mar-2017

DEKALB varieties are standing well clear of the field in grower preference and satisfaction as well as performance, according to the latest independent market research.


Involving 400 growers carefully selected to be representativeof the national position, the winter 2016/17 round of the  industry-leading Kleffmann Group WOSR AMIS panel shows both DK Extrovert and DK Exalte increasing their share of plantings this season (Figure 1).



The fact that both varieties are now amongst the five most widely-grown in the country is all the more remarkable for the fact that neither have ever been on the Recommended List – in complete contrast to almost every other popular variety. Their popularity is not surprising given the fact that they outperformed all but three of last season’s 10 most widely-grown varieties in commercial practice with average gross outputs of more than 3.7 t/ha despite a particularly challenging growing season (Figure 2). What is more, this was a good 0.10t/ha ahead of the top variety on the current RL.



Unsurprisingly too, perhaps, growers of DK Extrovert and DK Exalte expressed much greater satisfaction with the varieties than growers of any of the other top 10 varieties (Figure 3). Growers identified high yield, consistent performance and easy management as their three most important criteria for oilseed rape satisfaction. And in all three of these areas levels of satisfaction were clearly higher amongst DK Extrovert and DK Exalte growers than growers of other varieties (Figure 4).





Apart from the superior value these two varieties deliver, this underlines the extent to which growers are looking for far more than just yield in their winter OSR these days.

Alongside yield, the 2016/17 research, indeed, reveals light leaf spot resistance, phoma/ stem canker resistance, vigorous
establishment, standing ability, earliness of maturity, rapid autumn development and pod shatter resistance as the most soughtafter characteristics.

The fact that DK Extrovert and DK Exalte, in particular, and DEKALB varieties in general deliver on so many of these key characters goes a long way towards explaining the popularity they command on-farm.



It almost certainly also explains:

A: Why more growers than average have chosen DEKALB varieties this season on the basis of experience, recommendations, disease resistance and to robustness (Figure 5);




B: Why growers are so much more loyal to DEKALB varieties than to those of other breeders (Figure 6); and,



C: Why DEKALB growers are clearly more committed to DEKALB varieties than other breeders’ growers are to their varieties
(Figure 7).




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