Four New Low Risk/High Flexibility OSR Varieties for Cereals 2017 03-Apr-2017

Two mainstream and two specialist new Monsanto winter oilseed rape varieties will join the European market-leading Dekalb UK portfolio at Cereals 2017.

Together with a range of other valuable agronomic characters, all four varieties carry the core DK traits of vigorous establishment, double phoma resistance and pod shatter resistance to reduce the risk and increase the flexibility of OSR production.

DK Expedient and DK Expansion are mainstream additions to the current four-strong Dekalb 2017 stable of DK Extrovert, DK Exalte, DK Exclaim and DK Exception.

East/West RL candidate, DK Expedient has a gross output rating of 107% of controls. It is fast to develop in the autumn, early to grow away in the spring and noticeably early in its maturity. A stem canker resistance of 8 and light leaf spot resistance of 6 give the variety a particularly solid agronomic profile.


Currently in NL2 testing, DK Expansion stands out for a gross output of 116% of controls and oil content of 46% in NL1 trials. One of the highest output varieties ever bred by Dekalb, it is tall but stiff-stemmed. Rated mid for both speed of autumn development and earliness of spring growth, the variety suits a wide range of drilling dates and matures relatively late.


“We see DK Expedient suiting growers who particularly appreciated Excalibur for its establishment abilities, spring growth and earliness of maturity but who are looking for a much higher gross output and better all-round disease resistance,” explained Dekalb technical specialist, Will Vaughan-France.   “In our own trials under farm conditions at three UK sites last season, its gross output was almost 20% ahead of Excalibur.

“DK Expansion, on the other hand, is likely to be popular with past growers of the first RLM 7 variety, Excel or, before that, Winner.  It’s a veritable yield and oil machine with great vigour but less rapid development than many of our varieties. As a tall, later maturing type, it will really reward the best agronomic input and sufficient patience.”

Alongside these mainstream introductions, the UK clubroot resistance and Clearfield portfolios are also being significantly expanded with the launch of DK Pliny and
DK Impressario CL respectively.

“DK Pliny is a major step forward for those keen to build clubroot resistance into modern OSR growing,” said Will Vaughan-France. “It adds to our first clubroot-resistant variety,
DK Platinium by bringing all the benefits of vigorous establishment, double phoma resistance and pod shatter resistance together with competitive performance for this increasingly important part of the UK market.

“An East/West RL candidate, it’s showing a treated seed yield as high as the best currently Recommended clubroot resistant variety together with the sort of agronomics previously only available in susceptible varieties. At a time when more and more growers are finding clubroot problems in land without any history of the disease, this is an especially timely development; not least for the fact that DK Pliny is also notably early to mature.”

Adding to the choice of varieties tolerant to the herbicide imazamox, DK Impressario CL is another very timely introduction in meeting the escalating level of demand for the Clearfield production system.

The area sown to Clearfield varieties more than doubled last season and considerable further expansion is foreseen over the coming seasons as growers reap the benefits of the greater weed control flexibility and reduced erucic acid contamination risk the system provides as much as its ability to control problem cruciferous weeds.

“Alongside its established stablemates, DK Imperial CL and DK Impression CL,
DK Impressario CL stands out from the competition for providing the Clearfield trait in a well-rounded agronomic package comparable to mainstream Dekalb varieties,” Will Vaughan-France noted. “So growers can also be assured of the least production risk and the greatest flexibility in its management.”

Seed of all four new varieties is likely to be available in limited quantities for planting this autumn, ahead of their main commercial introduction in 2018. 


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