Final Swedish trial results confirm DEKALB hybrid leadership 18-Aug-2016

Final results from official trials at 17 sites with 60 varieties across Sweden show an outstanding performance from every one of the nine northern European DEKALB hybrids involved.


Indeed, they took all six of the top places among the 33 varieties in testing for two or more years. Of the varieties also available in the UK, DK Extrovert and DK Exentiel were the star performers with average yields over the nine sites of 118.2% and 117.9% of controls respectively. Averaging 112.6% of controls and ahead of every other non-DEKALB variety in the trials too was premium-earning HOLL hybrid, V316OL.


The only DK hybrid included in the trials not at the top of the rankings was – unsurprisingly perhaps – clubroot resistant, DK Platinium. Even so, it yielded a remarkable 104.7% of the controls to take 20th place overall, comfortably above other well-known UK varieties without the increasingly important trait for many.

At the same time, both the two DEKALB hybrids included in the 27-variety first year Swedish testing programme across eight sites also showed their strengths to rank among the top five yielders with similarly impressive performances. DK Exalte averaged  117.0% of the controls, just ahead of DK Exception at 115.5%.


The trial-leading performances shown by all these varieties in a particularly challenging production season clearly confirm the value of the yield-protecting traits prioritised alongside output in DEKALB breeding. Not least because the best DK hybrid performances in both trial sets came from the varieties with the best trait combinations.