DK hybrids top North RL candidates in first trials 25-Aug-2016

First results from North region Recommended List trials show DK Exalte and DK Exclaim are the two top performing candidate varieties of 2016.


The only two candidates with treated seed yields of over 4.8 t/ha across the three sites processed to date, they delivered 116% and 115% of the controls respectively. Together with oil contents comfortably over 45%, this meant the DEKALB hybrids took joint first place amongst the candidates in overall output terms at 116% of controls.


Not surprisingly this boosted their four year mean gross output ratings noticeably from 105% of controls coming out of NL2 to a current 108% for DK Exalte and 107% for DK Exclaim, putting them on a par with the leading candidate at 109%.


Also underlining their strength in a challenging year in which the control gross output was more than 1.5 t/ha down on 2015 at 4.49t/ha were existing Recommendations, V316OL, V324OL,
DK Explicit and DK Exentiel. This secured DEKALB varieties six of the 11 top places in the year’s overall performance rankings with treated gross outputs of well over 5 t/ha in each case.


Clearfield variety DK Imagis CL performed especially well too, its initial 2016 treated gross output of 106% of controls being almost 0.7 t/ha above long-standing benchmark, DK Cabernet.