DK Expansion Defies Flea Beetle in Hampshire 01-Aug-2019

At Breamore Estate near Fordingbridge in Hampshire where flea beetle was very problematic, David Northway is particularly pleased he decided to try DK Expansion.


Large areas of his 102ha OSR crop suffered serious larval damage in the spring. So much so that the 48ha of conventional rape he grew averaged a meagre 2.75 t/ha with small, half-filled pods. His 34ha of DK Extrovert compensated noticeably better at 3.25t/ha, podding-up well but also producing small pods.

“Our DK Expansion, though, was the real star,” David reported. “Despite suffering the worst flea beetle problems on the farm, one 7.5 ha field recovered remarkably to give us a quite respectable 4t/ha. And the other 12.5 ha, less affected by beetle, came in at 4.5t/ha.

“It certainly hasn’t been the best year for OSR in our area, but we are well-pleased with the way the new hybrid has coped. We’ve increased our area of DK Expansion for the coming season and are growing DK Exsteel alongside it on land where we need a particularly fast take-off in the spring.”