DK EXCEPTION Underlines Pan-European Strength 11-Aug-2017

One of only four varieties to exceed 5t/ha in the 2017 series of DEKALB replicated trials with
22  existing and up-and-coming varieties grown under commercial farm input regimes across the UK, DK Exception is also confirming its all-round strength throughout the European trials network.

With an average three-site UK seed yield of 5.02t/ha, the variety which narrowly missed out on AHDB Recommendation for 2017/18 is currently performing at 105% of the trial mean, out-yielding V316OL by 2% and the current East/West Region Recommended List leader by fully 6%.

What is more, it is continuing to out-perform most commercial varieties against which it is being tested in Polish, German, Danish, Czech Republic and Slovakian trials to date, underlining its particular adaptability and reliability.



With a phoma/stem canker resistance of 9 and a light leaf spot resistance of 6, DK Exception offers one of the best all-round combinations of disease resistance currently available.


It is consistently high yielding across soil types and conditions, and carries the DEKALB pod shatter resistance trait proving of particular value in today’s uncertain and challenging harvesting climate.


As well as very high lodging resistance in RL trials, initial studies suggest the variety has improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency  (NUE), making it more tolerant of conditions in which nitrogen availability may be limited.

A relatively steady autumn development and spring growth habit makes DK Exception an ideal partner for established notably rapid developing grower favourites, DK Extrovert and DK Exalte with which it shares a highly vigorous establishment ability.