DK EXALTE maintains its outstanding form 18-Aug-2017

DK Exalte is holding its own in an impressive way alongside nine up-and-coming DEKALB varieties in large strip trials run under local farm conditions across the country this season. At the same time, it is underlining its consistent performance strength in both fully replicated Agrii national variety and iFarm strip trials. 


With results in from 13 of the 15 sites in the 2017 DEKALB farm strip trial series, the grower favourite stands second only to the best coded variety in seed yield, and neck-and-neck with high output newcomer, DK Expansion at over  4.80 t/ha or 104% of the trial mean.


With a five site average treated seed yield of 4.55 t/ha in Agrii’s 2017 variety trials, DK Exalte is averaging 107% of the same four controls used in Recommended List trials, putting it  within the top 10 of the 40 varieties included.


Not only this but across the nine Agrii national trials over 2016 and 2017 the variety stands among the top five performers at 110% of the controls. And over the past three years a 14-trial average of 109% of the controls puts DK Exalte firmly in first place out of 17 varieties.


Add to this the fact that, at 4.76t/ha, it is yielding on a par with the East & West region RL leader and a leading RL candidate in the seven 2017 iFarm strip trials in which the four varieties were grown alongside each other and its performance credentials are clear.





As well as a phoma/stem canker resistance of 8, a light leaf spot resistance of 7, pod shatter resistance, a relative early  maturity and a vigorous establishment ability, DK Exalte is especially rapid in its autumn development.


This gives it an important edge in growing away from early flea beetle and slug attack as well as sowing well into September and in less-than-ideal conditions.

Notably early spring regrowth is also very valuable in ensuring the best recovery from pigeon-grazing.


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