DK EXALTE leads the field in Yorkshire trials 12-Aug-2016

With a treated seed yield of 5.33 t/ha, DK Exalte out-performed all 30 other varieties grown by crop production specialists, Hutchinsons in their 2015/16 winter OSR trials at Morton-on-Swale near Northallerton in North Yorkshire.


One of only four varieties to deliver more than 5t/ha, the leading DEKALB hybrid yielded 120% of the 4.44 t/ha treated trial mean. This was almost 3% ahead of the next best performer and comfortably up on all three varieties at the top of both the 2016/17 East & West and North Recommended Lists.


DK Exalte also yielded an impressive 4.72 t/ha untreated, again well ahead of the top three varieties on both Recommended Lists.

Performing impressively in the Hutchinsons’ trial too was new low biomass hybrid DK Secret. At 4.57 t/ha treated, it out-yielded 17 current and emerging varieties without the semi-dwarf character, including several leading RL varieties. And its untreated yield of 4.13 t/ha was better than no less than 22 standard height varieties.


Also out-performing many well-known hybrids and pure lines was the best of the three Clearfield varieties in the trial, DK Imperial CL which came in just below DK Secret with a  seed yield of 4.51 t/ha treated and 4.10 t/ha untreated. This was a good 4% ahead of the next highest yielding variety with the genetic resistance to imazamox.