DEKALB'S Clearfield Quality Check Scheme 05-Dec-2017

The DEKALB Clearfield Quality Check Scheme brings together rigorous breeding quality standards, effective volunteer and cruciferous weed control capabilities and advanced pre-movement analytic services.

It is available free of charge to all growers who have purchased 6 DEKALB Clearfield bags

DK Impressario CL

DK Impression CL

DK Imperial CL


In return for registering with the scheme and submitting proof of purchase and the seed lot reference numbers provided on all DEKALB labels, growers will receive a certificate of analysis confirming their seed was tested free of erucic acid, together with special freepost sample bags for 2020 harvest analysis.

Samples of the Clearfield OSR taken at combining or from the farm store will then be analysed in DEKALB’S state-of-the-art gas chromatography laboratory to provide scheme members with their own confidential pre-movement quantification of erucic acid levels.


Thsi scheme is all part of our DEKALB commitment to go well beyond supplying seed to providing the best all-round oilseed rape production support we can to our growers.


You can now sign up to this free Quality Check Scheme by simply filling in your details here


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