Clearfield Crops Impress 05-Aug-2016

In a challenging season a leading DEKALB Clearfield  variety with genetic resistance to imazamox is delivering yields not far short of ordinary winter OSR for a number of growers on land on which it would otherwise  have been impossible to grow rape due to cruciferous weed problems.


Just outside Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, for instance, David Lord’s 32 ha of DK Imperial CL averaged a respectable 3.6-3.7 t/ha against  4.1t/ha from the best winter rape on the farm. 


With serious hedge mustard problems on all land  in the rotation due to go into rape, he will be sowing only the Clearfield variety this autumn.


Meanwhile, at Herne Bay in East Kent, Antony Redsell was ‘seriously impressed ‘ by the 4 t/ha delivered by his 16 ha of DK Imperial CL alongside excellent control of charlock  and a range of other broadleaved weeds.


So much so that he will be putting around half the doubled 160 ha of OSR he plans to grow for harvest 2017 into the variety.