To give the industry the highest level of quality assurance and support on certified seed supply as far as erucic acid worries are concerned, Dekalb has announced a three-pronged initiative this season.

“While the current UK standard for certified seed is a maximum of 2% erucic acid, based on our long history of detailed testing we have set a maximum of 0.2% using the most accurate gas chromatography analysis for all our varieties,” revealed UK marketing manager, Mark Shaw revealed.

“What is more, we are applying this to every seed batch – which we have always tested as part of our quality assurance process –  rather than merely to the variety at registration, as required, and making individual certificates for each available to growers through our distributors.

“For those using the Clearfield system with its particular volunteer and cruciferous weed control capabilities we are taking this even further with our confidential Quality Check Scheme,” he added.

“On registering for this free service, all those buying six or more bags of Dekalb Clearfield seed will receive the erucic acid analysis certificate for their seed batch together with sample bags. Following harvest we will test all samples returned in our dedicated gas chromatography laboratory to provide pre-movement reassurance on erucic acid content.”