Anglia Grain Services trials underline hybrid value 15-Aug-2016

The value of hybrids in general and DEKALB hybrids in particular in a challenging oilseed rape season has been confirmed in Anglia Grain Services trials with 18 prominent existing  and new varieties.


The eight hybrids in the company’s trials near Peterborough produced an average moisture-adjusted yield of 3.96 t/ha at 43.8% oil for a gross output more than a third of tonne higher than the 10 pure line varieties which averaged 3.65 t/ha at 43.1% oil.


What is more, three of the five top performing varieties were hybrids, two of them from the DEKALB breeding programme.


RL Candidate, DK Exalte claimed first place in the yield stakes, producing 4.32 t/ha against the 3.79 t/ha trial average (114%) for a gross output of 4.56 t/ha against 3.98t/ha (115%).


Not far behind it in third place, was newcomer DK Exception, yielding 4.25 t/ha (112% of the trial mean) for a gross output of 4.45 t/ha (111%).