50% Seed Cost Refund for Establishment Failures 10-Jul-2019

DK Exstar further minimises growing risks by being the first variety to come with the DEKALB Establishment Support Scheme, refunding growers fully 50% of their seed costs for crops failing to establish this autumn.

Those wishing to take advantage of the straight-forward scheme do so simply by opting into it with their merchant when buying their seed – which comes complete with market-leading new seed treatment, Acceleron –  and registering their participation at here

The seed has to be sown by September 15 and any parts of the crop failing to establish by October 15 automatically qualify for a 50% seed cost refund from the merchant who will, in turn, be refunded by DEKALB.

“Through the scheme we are sharing the risk of establishment failure 50/50 with our growers,” pointed out DEKALB marketing manager, Mark Shaw.  “Not only is this the fairest thing to do, but it’s by far the best value on the market. 

“It also stands out from the crowd by being as simple as possible and linked to what we believe to be the strongest genetics on the market supported with the best available seed treatment. This is all part of our commitment to helping growers make the very most of their OSR at the least risk.”