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Fertilizers – to re-apply or not to re-apply?


Ensuring continued, healthy canopy development through spring and beyond may require further application o

f key nutrients in line with prevailing conditions. Nitrogen and Sulphur are of importance in cases where phosphate supply dwindles in the cold, wet soil. Potassium is essential towards maintaining the structure of the canopy, as

well as nutrient flow around the plant, and growers might consider flowering applications of nitrogen in order to extend 

the duration and retention of green leaf which can help boost seed yield by supporting photosynthesis duration.



Key considerations


Responses are likely to be greatest when the crop canopy duration is not likely to be critically restricted by other factors:


  • Drought
  • Crop was not supplied with excessive N during canopy formation pre flowering
  • Early applications for canopy building were suboptimal.
  • Weather conditions - solid fertilisers may work in wet but liquid fertilisers are better suited to dry conditions
    (avoid liquid applications above 18 C temp)




Late applications of N can certainly increase yields, but careful consideration should be given to each case. Nitrogen application may also be restricted by NVZ. We encourage growers to contact our experts or FACTS trained advisors.