Northern RL Trial Sites


Dekalb Candidates All Perform Well at Northern RL Sites

Final results from HGCA's Northern Recommended List trials show all four DEKALB candidate hybrids putting in strong current harvest performances to reinforce their four-year mean gross output advantages.

Leading the Dekalb field with a 2011-14 mean gross output of 111.4% of controls from the four northern sites is DK Explicit, with HOLL premium-earning V316OL hot on its heels at 110.7%.  DK Exentiel and DK Imagis CL complete the impressive quartet with gross output ratings of 109.4% and 108.0% respectively.

More detailed analysis shows that, as well as one of the lowest levels of light leaf spot infection in the trial series, DK Explicit has the second highest oil content of any variety at 47.4% while both V316OL and DK Imagis CL are delivering over 45.5% oil.

Underlining the speed of progress DEKALB breeding is making in introducing the Clearfield character into high performance hybrids, DK Imagis CL has a four year mean gross output more than 15% ahead of the only other Clearfield variety on the Northern Recommended List, DK Imagine CL. This is also nearly 7% up on long-standing grower favourite, Excalibur