HOLL Update


With final results from 10 RL sites now included, premium-earning HOLL variety, V316OL stands well clear of the East & West region Recommended List field.  

The variety’s treated 2014 gross output of 116.2% of controls from an average yield of 6.16t/ha at 46.9% oil was almost 7% ahead of the current RL leader and nearly 6% up on the nearest rival candidate.

This performance gives the V316OL a four year mean gross output advantage of more than 2.5% over the RL leader and a good 1.5% over any other East & West region candidate.

DEKALB breeder, Matthew Clarke points out that the variety remains in a class of its own in consistency terms to – as the only one in the 2014 trial series with no gross output rating of less than 105% of controls any site. He also highlights lower than average low light leaf spot and stem canker disease indexes and higher than average lodging resistance and stem stiffness scores as indicators of all-round agronomic robustness.

“Our latest HOLL hybrid stands well clear of every other variety at the top of the East & West Recommended List trial series,” he noted. “Add its excellent agronomics and the commercial advantage of attractive crusher premiums over ordinary ‘double lows’ and high oleic:low linolenic rapeseed production is clearly set to come of age in a major way over the coming few years.

“All the more so with V316OL and our other new generation Vistive hybrids continuing to perform so well across a broad range of challenging environments in our own extensive European testing network.”

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