DK Hybrids Show Strength in Depth


Trials undertaken by AICC, Agrii and NIAB-TAG across the country under a variety of conditions are highlighting the robust, strength-in-depth performance of leading DEKALB hybrids.


No less than three of the five highest  yielders – and five of the top 10 – in AICC trials involving 26 current and emerging varieties under 10 separate treatment programmes in Yorkshire were, for instance, bred by DEKALB.


DK Excellium, DK Extrovert and V316OL all yielded over 5.45 t/ha. Even before these varieties very high oil contents were taken into account, this put their output at least 13% above the Excalibur control and 10% or more ahead of the current RL leader.


Producing a good 109% of the control yield at 5.22 t/ha in the AICC trial, DK Expower topped  a five variety specialist  Agrii canopy management trial in Essex with an average 4.92 t/ha from just 19 plants/m2.


What’s more, its advantage over the trial mean  in both yield and thousand grain weight  was noticeably greater at 80 kg N/ha than at either 120 kg/ha or 220 kg/ha, demonstrating a particular tolerance to nitrogen stress.


Further Agrii trials in Northumberland have underlined the value of well-managed DK Excellium in a future without neonics. One of the highest yielding of the 27 varieties in the trial under a standard fungicide regime at 4.50 t/ha, the variety yielded as well with Hypro Duet seed treatment as it did with Modesto.


The role of pod shatter resistance in allowing DK Excellium, DK Extrovert and DK Expower harvesting to be delayed to maximise yield even under relatively low shattering pressure is also being demonstrated in the first results from a series of trials contracted with NIAB-TAG.


These three varieties showed a clear superiority in yield-building over four leading shatter-susceptible competitors grown alongside them when combining was delayed for up to nine days in Hampshire.