Key hybrid traits


DEKALB understands the agricultural challenges of growing OSR. We have eveloper a unique combination of yield protecting traits to improve yield potential by helping grower’s protect their crops against diseases, pests, and weeds.


Vigorous Establishment

The ability to establish robust, well-rooted plants that are best able to cope with challenging UK conditions

Rapid Autumn Development

Autumn development that suits a wide range of drilling dates including later drilling in good conditions

Ultra Rapid Autumn Development

Faster rate of leaf development making it well suited to later planting, or less than ideal seed beds, as well as the main drilling window.

Early Spring Regrowth

Early restart to growth after winter to help with escape from insects and pests.


Clearfield herbicide resistances


Genetic resistance that minimizes yield loss and volunteer issues caused by seed-shedding up to, and during, harvest


Double Phoma Resistance

The combination of the RLM7 gene and Polygenic resistance provides durable protection against Phoma and outstanding resistance to the yield damaging stem canker

Good Light Leaf Spot

Solid polygenic resistance providing a good level of protection from this important OSR disease


Resistance to some races of this devastating pathogen gives increased security to growers in areas where there is a Clubroot threat