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The genetic resistance to pod shatter built into all DEKALB varieties can dramatically cut your seed losses around harvest, minimising your volunteer problems as well as protecting yields.


Secure your OSR crop with pod shatter solutions from DEKALB.


  • The genetic resistance to rapeseed pod shattering built into DEKALB hybrids can dramatically cut your seed losses around harvesting, improving your yields and reducing volunteer pressures.
  • This is especially valuable in protecting you against summer storms, weather or workload harvesting delays or less than ideal combining condition.
  • Even under low shattering pressures, a 6-7day harvesting delay could give you a 60 EUR/ha yield advantage from DEKALB hybrids over comparable non shatter resistant varieties.


Although it can be largely unseen at the time, seed shedding in the run up to and at harvest has long been a problem with OSR.

Independently estimated to average 15-20%, winter OSR yield losses can become all too apparent after adverse weather or where harvesting is unduly delayed, exceeding 70% on occasion.


The risk of seed loss further leads to earlier-than-ideal OSR desiccation and harvesting in many cases.

With each day of seed filling lost known to reduce yield by 1-2%, early harvesting can easily be responsible for a 10% yield penalty. Since most oil is accumulated during the second half of seed fill, it can also seriously compromise oil content, not to mention crop marketing as a result of red seed.

Quite apart from the loss of revenue, seed shedding has major implications for volunteer OSR control in subsequent crops, every 100 kg/ha of seed lost being 2000 potential plants/m2 to deal with in future management.

Early on in our development of the OGURA hybridisation system we became aware that the genetics it employed could make a major contribution to overcoming the particular susceptibility of OSR pods to shedding.

Selection for improved performance led this character to be lost in other breeding programmes. Having recognised it, however, we were able to preserve resistance to shattering in our parent lines, identify the genes involved and build upon them in our variety development.

Since then the presence and value of pod shatter resistance in our leading varieties has been confirmed through independent laboratory measurements of the force required to open pods, proven research centre random impact testing and a series of delayed harvesting field trials as well as extensive commercial experience.

Under notably low shedding conditions, for instance, trials have shown our shatter resistant varieties out-yielding non-resistant controls with the same yield potential by an average of 6% following a seven-day delay in harvesting. This represented a yield advantage worth well over 50 £/ha.

Other field trials have shown losses as low as zero from delayed harvesting with our most advanced rapeseed pod shattering resistance genetics compared to as much as 25% with non-resistant varieties alongside them.


On average volunteer OSR populations following the harvesting of shatter-susceptible varieties have also been found to be 17 times higher than after our most advanced genetics.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that the rapeseed pod shattering resistance we have pioneered has become so widely appreciated by growers across Europe.

It is providing valuable insurance against the summer storms that can cause such serious yield losses as well as weather and workload-necessitated harvest delays.

At the same time, it is enabling harvesting to be deliberately delayed at minimum risk to both maximise rapeseed yield and oil contents and allow wheat harvesting to be prioritised where milling quality is a particular requirement.

As well as reducing the pressure on volunteer control in subsequent crops varieties with our shatter resistance are also helping to restrict the green bridge of autumn growth that encourages early pest activity and disease spread.


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