Farming is one of the most important and innovative professions in the world today. It combines technical expertise about machinery, planting, growing and harvesting crops with a dedication to preserving natural resources for future generations, a real balancing act. We recognize that challenge and show farmers our respect day by day. We enjoy collaborating with you and your hard-working colleagues and want to be your partner for the long haul. That’s what drives us to seek solutions for your challenges. We are breaking new ground to support your success both today and in the future. We can only be successful when you are successful.



Working with you and listening to your needs help us to develop solutions for your success. Only by seeing you in action, on the farm and in the field, can we understand your needs and how we can help you both today and in the future. We are trying hard to offer you the best solutions as soon as we can. The relationship starts with your conversation with us. Please always let us know your needs and ideas!



To deliver innovative technology for your success we are investing on the one hand a huge amount of money and on the other hand the time and broad and specific expertise of our employees, who are devoted 100% to improving your success. Our goal is to see you become the best and most innovative and successful farmer you can be.



We`d like to be a reliable partner for you and your loyalty is the best result we can achieve. It means that you have been very satisfied with the quality of our seeds, their performance and our service. Our purpose is to deliver the combination of high-quality seeds and agronomic knowledge and service that you expect again and again. Let`s power up for performance!