Roundup pre-plant treatment

Roundup pre-plant treatment

Roundup pre-plant treatment

Giving the cleanest start to your OSR


When it comes to OSR traits, DEKALB hybrids have the proven ability to establish robust, well-rooted OSR plants that are best able to cope with challenging conditions. When it is about weed control, Roundup has the proven ability to achieve long-term control of common weeds that complicate OSR emergence and establishment. The combination of both: first, the pre-plant treatment with Roundup, followed by the seeding of DEKALB hybrids offers the best opportunity to get the timeliest OSR off to the cleanest possible start.


To achieve a uniform emergence and even stand of oilseed rape, the soil must be fine and as weed-free as possible when planting and during the crop’s early development. The pre-plant treatment with Roundup offers a great opportunity for preparing the desired seedbed, eradicating perennial weeds and reducing the population of the annual weeds. Ultimately, it contributes significantly to the successful emergence of the OSR crop. Learn more about the main benefits of Roundup pre-plant application before OSR seeding, usage recommendations and the best DK hybrids for a successful OSR emergence:

Benefit 1: Successful OSR emergence

  • The pre-plant treatment with Roundup enables a faster and more even emergence of the crop and better crop establishment due to no or little weed competition and better soil structure.

Benefit 2: Effective weed control in OSR

  • The pre-plant treatment with Roundup is a great opportunity to achieve the optimal control of annual and perennial weeds that can affect OSR establishment.
  • By replacing mechanical weeding, the pre-plant treatment helps to preserve the soil moisture and organic matter content. Every tillage operation evaporates 3-5 mm rain equivalent moisture.
  • It also contributes to higher selective herbicide efficacy when combined with tillage.

Figure 1. Untreated. OSR one month after seeding infested with Cirsium arvense. Shallow cultivated 1 day before seeding.

Figure 2. OSR one month after seeding. Treated with Roundup (1800 g/ha a.e. glyphosate, Roundup 450, 4l/ha) 3 days before planting. Shallow cultivated 1 day before seeding.

Source: Contracted Independent Trial, Tatabánya, Hungary, 2018.


Benefit 3: Short cultivation interval

  • Seedbed preparation or seeding can start 2-3 days after the Roundup pre-plant treatment without loss of efficacy
  • Faster than mechanical weed control – saves time in the busy summer period.

Roundup pre-plant use recommendations before OSR seeding

For Conventional tillage:

  • Use the minimum necessary number of soil cultivation operations to prepare the seedbed for oilseed rape.
  • Apply Roundup at the recommended rate after full emergence of weeds.
  • In case of soil compaction due to heavy rainfall, -carry out shallow tillage before seeding, keeping a minimum of two days tillage interval after Roundup application if treating perennial weeds and 6 hours in case of annuals.

For Conservation tillage:

  • Apply Roundup at the recommended rate after full emergence of weeds 3 days before seeding oilseed rape at the latest.

DEKALB recommends:




DK EXPEDIENT is a Recommended List candidate variety with rapid autumn and early spring development leading to an early maturity.




DK EXSTEEL is DEKALB's latest EX variety with podshatter and double phoma resistence.




DK EXTROVERT boasts strong agronomics across the board and an outstanding package of disease resistance.

Use pesticides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Roundup® is a trademark of Bayer Group.