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With DEKALB®, you have a partner that stands with you all season, helping you make the best decisions during the key stages of your crop’s growth. You also have access to varieties bred to help you manage the challenges of weeds, pests and diseases.
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Q: How does DEKALB® help you defend their OSR crop against threats?

A: A lot of events can happen during the long OSR season. DEKALB® is there to help you in the field and in the seed. DEKALB® varieties are bred to minimize your risk from pests and diseases, as well as weed competition. DEKALB® also provides you with information around these threat  — monitoring conditions for pest and disease pressure, giving you advice at the right time, to help you make the right decision for your crop.

Q: How does early establishment help prevent pest damage all season long?

A: Early establishment is critical because some insects will attack your crop when the first leaves are formed. It’s a time when a lot of damage can be done. When you can have a variety that is really bringing quick emergence and quick establishment, the effect of insects like slugs, for instance, will be reduced.

Q: How can DEKALB® help you minimize disease pressure?

A: Thanks to the breeding efforts of DEKALB®, the varieties available to you have built-in tolerance to diseases like light leaf spot and double phoma. These varieties are tested in very different conditions across locations where disease pressure is very high. This testing helps ensure that the DEKALB® variety you plant can withstand the challenges you face.

Q: What can you expect from DEKALB® to feel confident going into winter?

A:A strong establishment is one of the key factors to surviving winter. It’s why DEKALB® is focused on providing you with the best guidance at planting time to get your crop off to its best start. DEKALB® also provides support in the seed with winter hardiness traits bred into the variety. With breeding locations in very cold areas in Europe, like the Baltics, Ukraine and north of Poland, DEKALB® offers winter-hardy hybrids tested to survive the cold.

Q: How does DEKALB® help you with weed control?

A: Weeds compete directly against OSR for water, light and nutrients. At harvest, your OSR grain can become contaminated by grain from volunteer weeds — damaging overall harvest quality. To help you deal with these challenges, DEKALB® offers Clear Field Technology. This complete solution ties specific herbicides to varieties with tolerance to those herbicides. By using Clear Field Technology, you can lower the risk of weeds to a minimum level.

Key Solution: Disease Management

The robust combination of phoma stem canker and light leaf spot tolerance bred into DEKALB® varieties helps protect your crop from within. This built-in protection can help reduce your spraying needs.






Complicated cropping – involving sugar beet, potatoes and other vegetables as well as winter wheat and barley – and the time and spraying commitments that go along with them make ease of management the key priority for the 90-100ha of winter OSR grown each year at Wm Kerr Farms, Easton near Woodbridge in coastal Suffolk.


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The greatest possible day-to-day flexibility in every aspect of OSR growing is the focus for manager, Frazer Jolly and Farmacy agronomist, Sally Morris at Saltby Farms on the north eastern edge of Leicestershire between Melton Mowbray and Grantham;  a flexibility that means one 40 ha field was sown partly from a Sumo Trio and partly with a Vaderstad Rapid drill last autumn to deal with see-sawing weather conditions.


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